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Thanks for checking out District Cycles. We specialize in custom single-speed bicycles that are perfect for city riding. Starting out with high quality lugged steel roadbike frames made from lightweight and strong butted steel tubing, We custom build every bike to incorporate your ideas and specific needs. Handlebars, grips, pedals, tire style and color, as well as custom paint schemes are all up to you and no two bikes we build are ever the same. Whether you want a laid-back city cruiser or an aggressive street machine we can build the perfect bicycle for you.

The sold bicycles on the site are just examples of the customization we can do for you. We have several bicycles in stock in most sizes that are ready to be completed within a few days. If you would like to get started you can email

Thanks for looking.

Current frames in stock:

42cm Shogun 400
46cm Shogun 100
48cm Raleigh Technium
50cm Schwinn World Sport
52cm Univega Custom 10
52cm Schwinn World Sport
52cm Centurion Sport
52cm Bridgestone 300
52cm Univega Viva Sport
54cm Schwinn Traveler
56cm Shogun 400
56cm Centurion Accordo RS
56cm Bottecchia
56cm Schwinn Traveler
56cm Fuji Montery
60cm Claud Butler Velox S
62cm Fuji Montery
62cm Biancchi Sport LX
62cm Jetter DLX310

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